Jeffrey Paparoa Holman responds to the quake

Local poet Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, who has been a supervisor of students, is now writer in residence at Waikato University. He was here for the major earthquake on February 22 and has sent this poem.

after the tremor the neighbour

after the terror the stranger

after the stranger the doctor

after the doctor the soldier

after the soldier the looter

after the looter the vulture


after the horror the ruins

after the ruins the kindness

after the kindness the sirens

after the sirens the silence

after the silence the weeping

after the weeping the comfort


after the toppling the creaking

after the shaking the shaking

after the shaking the questions

after the questions the questions

after the rage and courage

after profound desolation


after the nurse and the undertaker

treasure contained in a glass of water


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