Graduation 2011

Marissa Cappetta and Paul McGuigan, winners of the Margaret Mahy Award for 2011 pictured above with their mentor, John Dixon celebrating their success at the Hagley Writers’ Institute  graduation on Tuesday 6 December.

Those graduating Cum Laude from Year 1 were Marisa Cappetta, Tracy Chollet, Jeni Curtis, Vida Zelenka, Sean Joyce, Robyn Anderson, Fiona Tyson. The winner of the Margaret Mahy Award for Year 1 was Marisa Cappetta with Vida Zelenka and Jeni Curtis, second equal and Tracy Chollet, third.

Paul McGuigan won the Margaret Mahy Award for Year 2. John Ewen was second and Emma Currie and Cathleen Lewis were third equal.

Pictured above – Kerrin Sharpe  (tutor) Tracy Chollet, Marisa Cappetta, Paul McGuigan, John Ewen, Frankie Mcmillan (tutor), Cathleen Lewis and Emma Currie


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