Victoria Broome

“It was exciting to be an inaugural student and to take my writing seriously and then twice get shortlisted for the Kathleen Grattan Award, published in New Zealand journals, and 10 years after starting the course to have my first chapbook, How We Talk To Each Other, published through Cold Hub Press, to wonderful reviews from Siobhan Harvey and Paula Green. I wouldn’t have achieved this without having studied at the Hagley Writers Institute.” ~ Victoria Broome


Nod Ghosh

“Although I wrote when I was younger, HWI presented my first opportunity to develop the craft. The course also enable me to send my (previously hidden) words out into the world. My most prolific work is flash fiction. I have released two books through an Australian publishing house, Truth Serum Press: The Crazed Wind (2018), and Filthy Sucre (2020).” ~ Nod Ghosh


“I tinkered away at writing for years without much discernible advancement. So, I can honestly say my life changed once I started the Hagley Writers course. From day one I knew that I had found my tribe; the individuals and community that understands what I do, and why I have to do it. I learned a huge amount about writing and developed my skills with as much input from my classmates as from the excellent tutors and mentors. Now writing is a regular practice that is both a pleasure and a freedom.” ~ Kaye Gilhooley

Gail Ingram

“I enjoyed HWI so much in my first year I went back for a second. I was lucky enough to have Bernadette Hall as my tutor – one of Aotearoa’s shining lights of poetry, and although I was writing a junior novel, she opened my eyes and heart to poetry, my first love and an ever-growing obsession that eventually lead to my Masters Degree in Creative Writing and first poetry collection in 2019, which, to my delight, was launched by Bernadette.  Our discussions on all sorts of writing were vivid, enlightening and challenging. I made writer friends and began to take myself seriously as a writer. Not only did HWI launch my writing career, it introduced me to an ever-growing family of wonderful writers I admire. Even though I graduated, I never left!” ~ Gail Ingram

“I thank Bernadette Hall for encouraging me to attend the 2011 Hagley Writers’ course. I thanks my Tutor, Kerrin P. Sharpe and the whānau of students who gave me the confidence to submit poems and short stories, and see them being published. And to Morrin, whose nourishment was much more than the coffee, tea, and bickies.” ~ Teoti Jardine


“The Hagley Writers Institute turned out to be exactly what I’d hoped for, and more importantly, exactly what I needed. Mornings in the Writers Block were a space in which to breathe and grow as a writer, to be surrounded and inspired by other writers, to learn craft, and to be introduced to new voices both on and off the page. Above all, it was a space in which writing was not just allowed, but expected to matter. On our first Saturday together, our then-patron Margaret Mahy swept in to remind us that writers are necessary, and as such, we students were all potential necessities.  Over the duration of the course, I was lucky enough to work with some amazing mentors, make some wonderful friends, and grow my first published novel – the latter is something I doubt I would otherwise have achieved. I loved my time at HWI, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.” ~ Tanya Moir

“The Hagley course was invaluable to me. It gave me the skills and knowledge to take my writing to the next level in a literary way.” ~ Chris Stewart

“If you’re thinking about doing the Hagley Course – don’t just think about it, do it! It’s the best part about living in Christchurch. You get to go along every Saturday during term time and have a blast talking about books and writing and finding you have the courage to write and share what you’ve written with the class, and eventually, the world. Hagley helped me to step out as a writer rather than hide in the shadows, and gave me friends to walk this journey with and the tools to keep improving. I’m so thankful for the connections I made during my time at Hagley and the confidence I gained as a writer.” ~ Toni Wi